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Amper Innovation Center

Aria Mad Part Raz Company (Ampere)

Aria Mad Part Raz Company (Amper) has started its activities in 2019 intending to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and accelerate the growth of Iranian startups. The Ampere Innovation Center Consists two sections: Research and Acceleration. By supporting creative ideas and creating a proper space for research, development and innovation, this center helps idea owners to overcome obstacles in front of their final destination. Our specialties are in the automotive industry, medical equipment, information technology and the Internet of Things. Creating synergies between industry and academia and turning ideas into opportunities by providing financial support, mentoring, shared workspace, etc. for start-ups and making it possible for effective collaboration between organizations and startups are the main goals of the Ampere Innovation Center.

We are committed to using creative ideas and pure and constructive plans and commercialization at the regional, national and global levels to develop technology and technical knowledge in the country, reduce dependence on imports, develop exports and create things.

Riseco Holding

Riseco has been established as a holding company since 2011 to provide consulting, management, and investment services in the industry and mines, technical, production and commercial engineering section. The holding is currently a major shareholder in more than 21 companies and operates as one of the largest automotive parts manufacturers. In addition, Riseco has been active in oil and gas, automotive OEM, as well as charity, commerce, compounding, mineral water, etc. for the past few years.

Raz Investment and Strategy Extension Holding Company has established Amper Company in 2019 focusing in the fields of innovation and futures studies, as well as to fulfil its social responsibilities. The mission of the Amper is to identify and accelerate innovative projects and ideas and to create a suitable platform for implementation of innovative projects.

Acceleration Programs :

Financial support

Co-working space




One of the basic requirements for the success of any startup is access to a network of experts and specialists in various fields. These people with experience who face the challenges of business, the rules of development of a startup and the factors of success and failure of startups, can play an important role in advancing and developing startup plans. Due to its history and ability, Amper connects these people to applicants.

Venture Capital

In addition to accelerating start-ups, Amper Innovation Center is interested in investing in risky venture capitalization in the fields of the automotive industry, medical equipment, Internet of Things and information technology.


Startups in the seeds stage new born business, and core which their main frameworks are according to our strategies are prioritized to participate in this course. Startups can benefit from services, including training, mentoring, and the workspace, as well as financial support. Thanks to our mentors expertise, they can also focus on developing, optimizing and implementing marketing strategies, developing a product roadmap, and preparing a business plan so that they can finally enter the target market by absorbing capital.

Co-working space

Access to a dynamic work environment, including the location of the group, communication infrastructure, access to industrial and research laboratories, communication network with researchers and industry key players, etc. are other services that Amper provides to start-ups. Give.

Acceleration Process

  • Send a request Send a request
  • Preliminary review Preliminary review
  • Meeting Meeting
  • Final Review Final Review
  • Acceptance Acceptance

By contacting the Amper Innovation Center through the company’s website or other communication channels (face-to-face visits, exhibitions, etc.), the idea makers fill the online information registration form.

The Amper Innovation Center should ensure that the technical and financial features of the proposed design are appropriate. After submitting the application and completing the proposal form, these features will be reviewed by the center’s acceleration team.

The Innovation Center has a great desire to cooperate with the idea makers. Before we start working together, we need to know more about your product, team, and plans. Idea holders will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the space and people of the Innovation Center and present their project in full.

After a face-to-face meeting and getting familiar with each other, you will be asked to provide us the evidence or any other information that you think will help us in verifying your plan. After receiving this evidence, the Innovation Center will begin the process of finalizing your plan.

Finally, after the final review of the proposal, the Amper Investment Committee will submit its proposal on how to cooperate with the team that owns the idea. If the proposed proposal achieves the necessary concessions and an agreement is reached, the acceleration contract will be concluded.

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    Address: Amper Innovation Center, Corner of Laleh alley, Tavallaei street, 15th KM, Fath highway (Iran Khodro bridege), Tehran, Iran