Research and Innovation


In addition to accelerating and investing in start-ups, the Amper Innovation Center is also active in research and innovation in collaboration with the country’s elite graduates, intending to develop the community’s economic and social development, innovation and technology transfer, disclosure of knowledge and creative results. Acquiring knowledge, skills, and continuous learning are some of our other goals.

The two words creativity and innovation are at the forefront of our activities in this unit. These two words have two different but separate meanings. Creativity is the power to create a new thought, radiance of an idea, emerge of ideas, and innovation is the realized creative thought that leads to the improvement of processes and products.

Amper Research and Innovation Unit Activities:

  1. Introduce and commercialize a new product or service or fundamentally improve the use of existing products and service.
  2. Introduce a new production process or major improvement in existing processes.
  3. Open the doors of the new market with the idea of ​​making a new product.
  4. Development of new supplier resources such as raw materials, equipment and other inputs.
  5. Make fundamental changes in current industrial structures.